Sunny Sweet September

Think of your best adjectives for a lovely September day! Those words will also describe today’s amble with Mara B. We enjoyed a beautiful, bright, clear afternoon ride and soaked in September.

Here’s why we see so many deer.

A delightful ride for us to share.


Today’s post is in support of World Suicide Prevention Day 2018. WSPD began in 2003, in 2010 I knew nothing about it.

The theme of WSPD 2018 is “working together to prevent suicide.” Please connect, care and communicate about suicide with your personal inner circle if need me.

Mara B and I dedicated our ride this morning in memory of Benjamin Curry Stassen.

Enjoy the Rodeo

Matthew and I enjoyed an afternoon of Collegiate Rodeo today! The weather was excellent, the crowd fun and the rodeo action exciting.

We also visited Mara B for grooming, snacking and some ride time for Matthew.

Matthew filmed his ride with his GoPro camera. This was a fabulous horse day for both of us.

Glorious September Afternoon

Mara B and I had an awesome ride this afternoon with such glorious weather!

On this date two years ago I started Mara Moments as a personal challenge, that day was cool and rainy. Mara Moments has been a positive activity for me, I have learned many new things and I have enjoyed sharing it with each of you.

I have now made the decision to try some other avenues of creative expression so I will be posting at this site less frequently.

On September 1st I started a personal video journal and a personal Mara B video journal that I’m experimenting with.

I will still be seeing Mara daily, but the commitment of posting six days a week will take a back seat to some personal creative projects. I will be organizing and trying to create something? with all my Mara photos, attending more yoga classes, reading more books and traveling. I hope to continue to post daily on Instagram @mara.equine.moments I use hashtags around equine therapy, suicide awareness, suicide prevention, emotional well-being and kindness. Instagram has been another interesting learning experience (thanks Gretchen) and I plan to continue to post there. Please ride along with us if you’re interested.

I will provide updates on the equine therapy film documentary when I have more information.

Thank you for receiving my posts, or letting me take your picture, for visiting the Mara B FB Page and/or Instagram. Your support, encouragement, feedback, ideas, suggestions and comments have been greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Here are photos of today’s ride! It was beautiful out there with the glorious weather and a great trail horse.

Happy Trails and peaceful days to you.

Apple Treats & More Practice

Some kind person at the Barn left a paper bag of free apples for the horses to eat. Mara who is on such a strict diet is getting to have one a day and loving them. Mara even knows the sound of the wrestling bag when I put my hand in there to find the perfect apple for her!

Tera and Rosie felt like more trail riding practice so they joined us on a ride around the Meyer loop again this afternoon. Rosie was noticeably more relaxed on this second ride.

A low key and successful practice ride for everyone.

After the Rain

More rain around here, however Mara B and I did get out for a good ride during the dry stretch with no rain showers this afternoon.

The earth smelled ‘earthy’ the air was moist and everything felt dewy.

We had no wind and Mara was great, so it was a pleasant afternoon for us.

September Sun

Mara B and I had a later afternoon ride today and the angle of the sun was beautiful.

The conditions were what I like, very calm, quiet and still.

It was one lovely view after another this afternoon!

And new Barn pup Bo greeted us when we returned to the Barn.

Happy Labor Day Weekend to all our wonderful Mara Moments followers, thank you for riding along with us, we appreciate your support. 💛☀️🐎 Helen


August has come and gone and it was a month of great rides for Mara B and me! Off we went this morning with Victoria and Cricket.

Mara led the way first around the dairy loop.

Plus half of the Meyers loop. The weather improved each step of the way and it turned out to be a beautiful ride with subtle colors of September starting to peak through.

Thank you Mara B for all the lovely summer rides of 2018.

Round with Rosie & No Reins

Tera and Rosie rode with us this morning on their first ever trail ride around the Meyer loop. Rosie was wonderful and enjoyed covering some new territory! It was special and fun for everyone.

Returning to the barn we met up with other riders and joined them on the dairy loop.

Alanna rode Allegro with no reins, because she rode him bridleless! Yes, that was with no bridle, wow. The amazing bond between horse and rider was powerful and cool to observe. Alanna rode with leg aids rather than reins!

An excellent Barn/riding day with many different horses and horse gals. It felt like trail riding in the classic traditional sense.

A Great Double

Kim and Rio and Mara and I had an ideal day for a great morning ride! We successfully rode each of our two main riding “loops” and were delighted that the ride was peaceful and uneventful.

Large gorgeous clouds and color changes in fields along the way were our main observations.

Mara B and Rio were both marvelous mounts.