Snow, Mud & Geese

Mara and I rode around some of the hay field as well as down the road this afternoon and met various spring conditions. With snow still deep in places and mud and water puddles other places we are just doing our best to ride “out.” Many geese are in the fields and we hear them as well as see them, two flew up near us on the road. Sunshine and temps in the forties are very welcome regardless of the snow, mud or noisy geese.

Spring Vet Visit

Mara B recognized Dr Toby this afternoon! She knows the drill and today it was spring shots for Mara B. Plus Dr Toby checked her teeth to determine if they need to be floated, however we will wait until fall on her teeth. So we had lots of grooming and chatting with Barn pals, and the Vet check as our main activities today. Then we did ride around close to the stable but had quite a brisk and cool breeze so kept it rather short.

Still Flag

Mara and I had a pleasant walk on our quiet neighborhood road this morning and the flags we saw were all still, which is just the way we like it. We think that Spring is on the verge of breaking out. I noticed “brighter” light and many more bird sounds today.

15 MPH

This afternoon Mara and I rode to the Meyers, and I always like seeing their speed limit sign! 15MPH is probably about our speed most days, which fits us both very well. Mara was great and our time together relaxing, good to be in sync.

Ride with Bella

Jennifer and Bella and Mara and I enjoyed a ride down the road together this afternoon. It was a very pleasant stroll with sunshine, mild temps and light wind. It felt so good to let the horses stretch their legs on an outside ride. Mara even felt a bit warm when we returned to the barn.

Big Bale

Mara was delighted to start munching on this big bale that was waiting to be placed in her paddock feeder while I closed the gate this afternoon. We had some fun with Barn pals in the indoor arena before heading out on a walk around the neighborhood. Then we did stop at these mailboxes to look for any notification about the arrival of spring. Hopefully spring weather will find us next week!

Tires & Treads

Tire tubes and snowmobile treads entertained us today! Mara and I rode in the indoor arena and transported the tire tubes around, I tossed them off of her while riding and walked through them on the ground for a little fun. The snowmobile was parked outside the barn when I walked Mara B back to her paddock, so she investigated it and posed for a few photos next to it.

Light Up Wand

Mara met me at the gate this afternoon, which I always like. We have plenty of new snow around and slippery conditions so we spent our time together in the indoor arena. Eve let me try out her light flashing with sound effects wand on Mara. Mara continues to show us how calm and cool she is! This flashing ‘magic’ wand did not impress her. So we also saddled up and rode circles to warm up her muscles.

Wild Winds

Mara and I met up early morning today to beat the predicted snow storm, well the winds were really whipping. It was tough even sliding open the barn door against the winds pressure to bring her inside. I groomed and fed Mara and then allowed her free time in the indoor arena, she certainly had energy and was very happy to dash around. So I’m thinking her front right leg/shoulder is no longer bothering her, we hope that’s the case.

Symbiotic: Cleaning & Grooming

Jay joined me to check on Mara this afternoon, she was muddy and mellow. We cleaned, groomed and fed her. When we returned Mara to the paddock it was fun to watch Gus and Rosie’s symbiotic relationship as they cleaned and groomed each other too. Super sweet.