Morning with Mara B

I had an early visit with Mara this morning. The barn was still being cleaned and most of the horses were eating their breakfast. Mara had excercise time in the round pen before our ride in the outdoor arena. A pleasant way to start the day. 🌼🌿✌️

Round Pen & Indoor 

On and off drizzles kept us around the barn this afternoon. Mara was able to expend some energy in the round pen where she gets to be loose. The end door on the pasture side of the arena is open now, so we liked the light and breeze.  Mara B and I had a good trotting session for our arena ride time.

Cottonwood Puffs

Cottonwood puffs were blowing around on today’s ride, a special treat! A friend and I rode past the cows seeking shade and around this beautiful field of oats. A warm summer morning ride we enjoyed.

Summer Heat

It was a hot one today, Mara and I walked down to the dairy in the direct sun. We found this hay wagon full of fresh bales waiting to be delivered to storage. Then we hugged the woods resting in some shade, and rode the edges of the field that had recently been cut. We did catch a breeze on the way back, but the temperature was 88 when I left the barn.

Early Summer Surprise 

Mara B and I had a quiet, calm, peaceful time together this afternoon. I would call it moseying relaxed slow time, we were not in a hurry.  The surprise was to see apples already, it seems so early to me. Our stroll was along corn fields and along this cut alfalfa that’s waiting to be raked and turned, it smelled wonderful.

Pause, New Territory & Food

Mara and I showed Kim and Rio some new territory on today’s ride. We saw taller corn, bean fields and hay being raked. We paused to take it all in before going off the Meyers loop into a bit of new territory. Both horses were great and Mara had a fresh food delivery when I returned her to the paddock.

Florence at the Mailbox

Today’s morning ride with Kim and Rio down the quiet neighborhood lane was very pleasant. We had two eagles soaring overhead and a warm welcome from Florence who was out at her mailbox when we rode past. Kim got this picture of me trying to photograph the Queen Anne’s Lace we spotted. It was a warm one, but we had a nice summer jaunt.

Barn Buddies

Many friends at the barn today, with lots of action around there. Four of us got out on a very good trail ride together, into some new territory too. Plus I have photos from a friend to share of today’s outing!

Familiar Ride Many Variables 

Today’s ride was through the Meyer Farm, a familiar route for us. However we had a loose puppy in the yard, the cows were “up on the hillside” not in their regular pen and a tractor was pulling a hay wagon down the service road. Mara was on the cautious side walking through these ‘out of the ordinary’ conditions. Riding “out” is always about what new situation horse and rider will encounter, it’s what keeps things fresh. My eye caught all the thistle in bloom!

Neighbors & Maintenance Chores

Riders from the nearby stable rode through on their way to the river this morning. Mara stood with them while I took photos for them. It was nice to meet them and to chat about our horses. Maintenance chores are daily tasks around River Brink and today the indoor arena was being watered down and groomed while I was tacking up. A freshly groomed arena is always a treat. It was one spectacular July day to enjoy riding and barn time with Ms Mara B.