Sun and Bug Protection 

There were beautiful clouds on today’s outing! Mara and I had a wonderful summer ride with friends. We ventured in to more new territory too, and that’s always fun for us. Everyone enjoyed seeing this horse at the neighborhood stable who came to the fence to greet us! Some folks like to cover and protect their horses from flys and sun. Mara B however does not have any such attire.

Morning Ride & Mowed Ditches

Mara and I had a peaceful morning ride today. Having the ditches mowed is a welcome sight for us. Riding the road presents various factors to consider. One is that the asphalt and gravel can be hard on her feet and she is “barefoot” meaning she does not wear shoes. So I like to ride in the ditches until the grass gets too long and I can not see her footing. Then there is the issue of the long grass where ticks may be found. Mara has been immunized against tick borne diseases, but I still really want to minimize her chances of picking up any ticks. So when the ditches get mowed I’m pleased we can ride them again. After our rides I always groom her again and look for ticks!

Family Visitors

Gretchen and Laura visited today! Very fun to introduce them to Mara B and to show them around the barn. Gretchen has been an early and supportive Mara Moments follower so it was fun to share some behind the scenes action with her. Mara enjoyed them and just maybe won a bit of their hearts too. Good Gal time! ✌️🌿🌼

New Territory & a Fancy Halter

Cindy and Paskar showed us a hidden trail off the Meyers loop that took us up up up to a hay field. We circled the edge of the beautiful hay field walking next to woods. Mara and I were in new territory that was very fun to ride. After going up the trail head comes having to slowly walk down it. Our horses were rock stars going both up and down today! Then Lorrie surprised us and passed on a fancy reconditioned leather halter to Mara B (aka Export)  Which is a treat for both of us. A gorgeous summer day with some extra fun for us. ✌️🌿🌼

Sharing Mara B

College friend Marianne visited this afternoon for her own personal Mara Moment. Sharing Mara is a fun activity for me, plus Mara enjoys meeting new friends! Ride time was to mosey down the close neighborhood road. Mara was in the mood for a leisurely pace.

Intersection @ M

Obstacles along this mornings ride did not prevent Mara B from enjoying the outing! Our destination was the intersection of County Road M. We encountered the downed tree plus maintenance workers and crossed the road with traffic around. All good situations for Mara to have to handle when walking alongside a well traveled road. We wrapped up the ride with a peaceful stroll over to the cows across the road from Mara’s paddock. 🌼🌿☀️

Surprise on the Trail

Our ride through the Meyer Farm started with a pleasant surprise on the trail this morning. Mara and I met up with Seamus giving seven year old Eva a jaunt down the path! A few hawks also surprised us as they flew out over the trail. Generally there is a surprise of some sort waiting for us out on the trails. 🌼🌿☀️

Meet me at the Gate

Hot dry and windy weather today, so I had a late afternoon visit to check on Mara. It was a treat to have her come directly over to the gate to meet me. We had some grazing time with Suzy Q on the way into the barn. Then Mara and I counted this as a rest day, with just grooming and feeding time together.

Mara’s Herd & the Shady Trail

Here’s the herd that Mara shares a paddock with. Nyles, Gus and SeaB who are geldings, Mara is the only mare. Each horse has their own unique personality, their own place in the herd and they get along quite well together. This mornings ride was about staying out of the sun and near the coolness of the shady woods. Summer heat is showing up!

Food Truck and a Trim

The horses love the food truck deliveries! I was just getting Mara B this morning when a delivery of hay arrived.  Mara and I also had some ride time doing circle drills around trees and poles and equipment which was a fun exercise. Then it was farrier time to buff up Mara’s hooves. A good horse/barn day for us.