College Classmates Show n Tell 

Sharing Mara is a treat and today Karen and Mary came for a little horse adventure. Show n Tell included grooming and grazing Andri and Mara plus “ride” time on Mara B! Horses and gals all had a pleasant experience. Thanks for visiting us friends.

healinghelen art

ink jlinkmara round pen1

My new phone case is from Healing Helen, an artist in British Columbia. I love her unique ink pen art with a focus on spirit animals. Helen and I connected through Instagram. Today I showed Mara B my new phone case and I look forward to carrying it along each day. Here’s the link to Healing Helen’s website.




To the Power Lines

We joined Melodee and Spice this afternoon for a ride around the upper field off the Meyers loop. It is a good hike up, a great walk around a hay field and a careful walk down, with  impressive views of the surrounding farm land. A beautiful summer ride.

Cornflower Meadow

Directly behind the outdoor arena is a small “grassy meadow” that today was full of Cornflowers or Bachelor Buttons! A beautiful blue treat that Mara and I enjoyed before our ride. The ride however was interrupted by a solo pasture horse who was wandering around on the pasture side of the trail, and he startled Mara. She was a bit “up” with him trotting around.  Riding trails is never totally predictable, that’s for sure.

Morning Ride

Before the afternoon rains, Mara and I had two great buddy rides.  We made a lap around the dairy loop and a few laps around the outdoor arena. Good trail riding for us! The sprinkles arrived as we were returning to the barn.

Rodeo Practice 

Fun morning for us “playing” rodeo. Amy was pulling Stan the steer, Pete was roping off of Ray. Beau was waiting patiently for his turn and Mara and I got to be in the middle of all the action! We also had our chance at “chasing” Stan, and Mara B  did really well. Thanks Pete and Amy.

Trusting Mara

Turkeys and butterflies surprised us on today’s ride. Mara froze when we approached this corn field. I let her stop and look and out popped a family of five turkeys. We let them cross to the woods and continued up the hill. Mara B always knows more than I do about what’s “out there.” Walking back to the barn we came across many many yellow butterflies in the mud on a little side road. The actual sight was magical and better than my photo.

Family Fun

Jay and I enjoyed Mara B together this afternoon. Jay had practice time with Mara and shared his photography skills with me. Mara seems to enjoy her time with both of us!

An Afternoon Loop

Mara and I rode the Meyers loop this afternoon, here are a few sites along todays route. The ride was dedicated to Tom who is on assignment in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Godspeed to you Tom.✌️

Stan the Steer

Cold drizzly day today, but we had fun in the indoor arena. Pete delivered his new roping steer, Stan, and Mara and I were there to meet him! I hope we get to “chase” Stan one of these days.