Playing in the arena

Mara and I played with “stuff” in the arena today for part of our daily horse time together. I’m roping the dummy steer, having her drag things, playing with the big rubber ball and engaging her playful side. Tera and Rosie were also enjoying indoor time so Tera was today’s photographer, thank you. Mara B and I did a loop around some fields outside as well, because we love to be “out.”

Kathryn Mara connecting time

Char and I rode and Kathryn hiked the Meyers loop this afternoon! Great time for the three of us! Today gets three photos because Kathryn was our awesome photographer and we all got some fine photos to enjoy so I have more to share! Happy trails. 

Still some green grass

I took Mara B across the road to enjoy some of the lush green grass we continue to see in the very changing fall landscape. With freezing temps on the way this won’t be around much longer. Mara was muddy and the trail was very soft today, but our ride was relaxed and amiable.

Rubber boots wet horse great book

The weather kept me from spending much time with Mara B today, we did connect and shared time together while I gave her a mid day snack.  Before and after my Mara time I’ve been reading this wonderful book, one I hope you will read too! Gretchen passed on the review of it to me, now I’ve read it and highly recommend it to you, even if you don’t have much horse time in your day this is an inspiring book for all readers. Thanks Gretchen!

Pups deer and cattle

When Mara was on crossties while I was grooming her and saddling her up, she had fun watching the dogs. On our chilly ride out we saw two deer and strolled past the cattle on the road to the dairy farm. Mara enjoys all the animals along the way, and so do I.

Pasture path today

Mara and I were able to ride through the pasture property today because the pasture horses are being kept in their winter paddock now. It was pleasant to explore some new territory together. Mara and I were both mellow and on the lazy side today and shared a lovely relaxed ride.

Bonus Sunday Edition


Mara and I had fun meeting Pete’s dummy steer on wheels this Sunday afternoon, his son Ryan pulled this metal steer with an ATV and Mara herded it very enthusiastically! She was awesome with this new challenge. Thanks Pete and Ryan, fun for us today! I generally do take Sundays “off” as a day of rest for all, however this was worth sharing I decided, since we enjoyed a special barn time today. I do have video of Mara B in action too!