Mara frames my day

Our daily routine is a rhythm I enjoy! Our activities together have naturally slowed down these days, Mara and I have been less active, more on the lazy side, due to the damp gray weather, it’s been a comfortable respite. But any time with Mara B frames my day nicely.

Gus visits!

Great to see Gus and Jackie today. Gus is rehabbing after an injury so he’s currently not at River Brink, but he visited today to take a few laps around the arena for some excercise, and he’s moving well. These two barn pals were our guides on the first trail ride to the river that Mara and I enjoyed. Hope to see Gus and Jackie back soon.


In simple terms a horse cooler is a blanket used to wick away moisture, I use this blanket on Mara as a “cooler” of sorts. Today she was wet from the newly fallen snow, so I put this blanket on her during our time together, for fun more than anything, since she’s right back out in the elements. *Today’s horse time was dedicated to my sister Stella, for good luck on her new trail ahead. *

Sabbatical Star

Mara and I are on a sabbatical of sorts, with todays sloppy sleet that’s almost snow we just hung out together in the barn. We even strolled around the arena bareback for a few laps, a first for us and Mara B is a sabbatical star!

Rare relaxation 

Rarely do I catch Mara B relaxing like this. Today when I drove up I caught her resting in the sunshine, she deserves some good down time! When she did get up we had a low key visit today which suited us both.

Special Sunday wranglers

Cindy and I entertained Oliver, Ingrid and Ian on our super horses this Sunday afternoon! Fun was had by all, thus a special Sunday post to share. Thanks for visiting!