Conclusion of ’16

Starting the Mara Moments blog has provided me with a new creative pursuit in 2016. Mara and I landed at a wonderful new stable home this June, giving us positive pals, great trail riding, and a perfect paddock group. Many thanks for riding along with us through this new experience and we appreciate your support. May the end of this year give way to “new and different” (in good ways) for all of us in 2017.

Blessings on your trail and travels in the New Year.

Spreading sand and manure 

Footing for the horses around the stable continues to dominate my Mara B time. Today the stable folks spread more sand and manure in the paddocks and on the walk ways to try to melt ice. I brought Mara in for some arena time just to let her move around freely, an extra pan of feed, and some grooming. 

poles cones square and bridge

We got out of the paddock and into the arena today! We had a pleasant walk around and rode over the poles, around the cones, into the square and ‘across’ the bridge. Mara was a sweetie, the temps were mild and it was a refreshing time together.

Iced “in”

The Christmas Day rain has iced over Mara’s paddock, I went under the fence to get into her today, but did not want her to even attempt to walk on the sheer ice to the paddock gate. I have never had my horse “iced in” in their paddock before, this is something new for us. We need some serious melting, and soon.

Christmas Eve Day

Two beautiful matching black Percheron horses treated us to a magical sleigh ride last night in Park City, Utah. May you experience some of that same wonder and joy this Christmas Eve.

The Magical Day

The Magical Day is almost here, whether it’s Christmas, or Hanukkah, or another holiday for you, horses most certainly help us celebrate the peace and joy.

Mara B and I hope you are touched and blessed by the light and love of the season.

Reindeer Stables

Mara B is enjoying Reindeer Stable fun while we are away, and our paddock pals are providing special care for her. Happy holiday adventures to all!