Chickie and Nugget

It was great to be back at River Brink this afternoon to see my pals and to reconnect with Mara B. I had to tell Mara about my time in the West, where yesterday we had met Chickie and her horse Nugget at the Phoenix Saddle Club. This was a different form of stable than I’m used to, but it was interesting to tour and Chickie was cool and so nice to us I wanted to share these photos. Gals with their horses!

Eye to eye

I caught this photo of Mara eye to eye with one of the barn cats on our way out of the door this afternoon. Mara is such an animal loving horse, it’s sweet to see. Earlier Char and SeaB and Mara and I added a flag to the obstacles we set up for the horses to play around, they also had a low jump, the sled, tarp, cans and a squeeze game to enjoy. Another day of winter indoor horse entertainment.

Inside friends

Mara was very dirty today and needed major grooming and cleaning. So we spent time with our inside friends while I groomed her and she ate her extra feed. The weather definitely influences our activities, and the current weather conditions have the paddocks wet, muddy and off and on icy, all of which are challenging. When Mara was cleaned up she had a few laps around the arena to stretch her legs!