New Road to Ride

As we conclude February I’m pleased with the amount of winter trail riding Mara and I enjoyed. Today Melodee, Char and I had a ride down a “neighborhood” road that was new and different for us, providing a solid conclusion to the month.

Wesley Visits 

Before heading off on our ride this afternoon Mara engaged 7 and 1/2 month old Wesley and his mom Lauren who were visiting from Vermont. Mara’s sweet friendly nature shined and who knows, Wesley may grow up to be a cowboy.

Jay’s Day

Jay and Mara B had bonding time today! Jay is practicing his horsemanship skills and Mara B is a very patient partner. Cowboy time is good for Jay and “blissful” for Ms Mara.

Tapping Maple Trees

Maple trees are being tapped in the woods near the stable, and it was interesting to see this new addition to the landscape this afternoon. Today’s ride was to the Meyer Farm for another change of direction. We appreciated the outing, since the weather forecast is predicting heavy snow overnight.

Swedish Mission Road

We made it back to Swedish Mission Road this afternoon which was a good change. Riding away from the stable heading East, which is not one of our regular routes. SeaB and Mara were really great and the day provided a nice road ride with more amazing weather to enjoy.

Wash Stall & a Spring Like Ride!

February and I was able to use the wash stall today, that’s a first, the day was so warm and spring like. Mara B desperately needed the back of her legs to be cleaned so we started in the wash stall and made good progress on some grimy spots. Nevertheless it was a day to ride “out” and off we went!

We met our friends along the way, said hello and continued on our solo ride to the Dairy Farm and then around the perimeter of two fields. It was a treat to be riding and Mara even got ‘warm.’

Wash Out

Drizzle, showers, sprinkle, storm, Mara and her pals were simply soaked today. Ms Mara always has a distinct “lean” away from the pelleting rain as seen in the first photo. No rein time just snack time and back to the paddock where she was hugging the outside of the shelter when I drove away.

Six Decades

David and I have been riding along now for six decades. Horses have been a sweet part of those years for me . (David rides his bike.) Mara B is the horse of my heart now and we plan on this next decade together to be a special one. Happy Day David.

Rev, Jay and Sandi Today

Sandi has two horses, Rev and Jay, plus her dog who visits the barn with her and a special “special” needs cat at home! Sandi rides bareback, is a wonderful storyteller, fun to ride and visit with at the barn and she shares her treats!