Six Decades

David and I have been riding along now for six decades. Horses have been a sweet part of those years for me . (David rides his bike.) Mara B is the horse of my heart now and we plan on this next decade together to be a special one. Happy Day David.

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  1. Wow! I’m impressed! 60 years of riding is AMAZING!!!!!

  2. beckyvince says:

    Cute picture, Helen. Those ponies are really decked out. Where was this taken? Happy special 60th birthday to you and David! Love your birthday post.

  3. mainetocalifornia says:

    Aunt Helen,
    I enjoy Mara’s Moments every day, but today is extra special!! Happy Happy Birthday sixty years young!! Love to you!!

    1. So sweet to hear and I love having you ride along 🏇💛✌️

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