Holly, Spice and Mara


The three mares and three lucky gals enjoyed a peaceful spring ride together this afternoon. Through fields and down the lane we all welcomed spring time and horse time.

Spring Vet Checkup


Mara B saw Dr Toby this morning for her spring shots and to have her teeth floated (filed). She was sedated for the procedure. Thank goodness for our terrific veteranians who care for our beloved animals. My time with Mara after her appointment was to stay with her until she “woke up” which took approximately two hours.

Equine Kneads


Mara had a massage yesterday which was a wonderful experience. Mara loved it and absorbed some bliss, which I could feel in her step today. We walked to the dairy farm and saw Jennifer and Caleb along the way who were having lesson time.


Kathryn and Peanut


Very nice to have Kathryn taking lessons on Gus now! Rachel is their instructor and everyone had a good ride this morning. Mara and I had a little ride too and we met up with Nora on her pony Peanut! Spring riding has officially begun. Yeah. ☀

The Launch


Mara B’s Mara Moments has now also launched to Facebook and Instagram to reach additional followers. On this afternoons ride I explained some of this to Ms Mara! Please look for ‘maraequinetherapy’ on FB and ‘Mara.equine.moments’ on Instagram. We value sharing our journey with our followers, thank you for riding along. 💛

A Slow Saturday


Listening to Mara I learned she was hoping for a slow Saturday, and that fit for me too. So we had the barn to ourselves and Mara enjoyed some of the “indoor” hay, a little grooming and time to trot around the arena. Some relaxing Mara Moments for both of us.

Exciting Umbrella


This mornings visit with Mara B was drizzlly and we put up an umbrella. Well the horses around Mara’s paddock were very curious, nervous and “ran off!” Mariela, Jay and I had a short, sweet but exciting Mara Moment!

Arena Ride


Mariela practiced her horsemanship skills and I had a ride around the arena today. Mara has more trot conditioning activities now to be ready for our spring ride time. Practicing skills is often part of our time together.


Mara meets Mariela


Mara B and I were delighted to share this afternoon with Mariela! We toured River Brink and Mariela helped really cleaned up Mara.  I enjoyed an easy ride down the road, we met our horsey friends and even had a farrier visit for Mariela to observe. A pleasant adventure for Mariela, Mara and me.


Walk with the Icelandics


Mara B and I enjoyed a brisk and friendly walk with our Icelandic horse friends this afternoon. Fun to follow behind their formation of three, riding abreast down the trail. The “Iceies” are charming and affectionate horses.