Inaugural Trail Ride

So great to be back with Mara B this morning! And Kathryn had her first trail riding lesson.  Mara and I were delighted to join in and to get some video and photos of the outing. Gus was awesome and Kathryn had a wonderful ride. Then Mara and I continued out alone for a peaceful quiet stroll to the diary farm. Horses, friends and spring weather, what a trio. 


Today’s horse for you to enjoy is Traveler, the noble white horse that appears at all USC football games with a Trojan warrior astride and is one of the most famous college mascots. This statue is located in Hahn Plaza on the USC campus in Los Angles. Mara B is home on a spring break under the special eye of our paddock pal Char.  Jay and I are here as volunteers with Little Free Library an awesome organization we support in our son Benjamin’s memory.

Family Horse History

My mother, Helen (she was always called Honey) would be 99 today. Mom was not an active equestrian, but she was always supportive of my horse pursuits and enjoyed the family horses from a distance. This photo of her on a horse is probably one of her only times ‘riding.’ Her father, my grandfather Aaron, was a true horseman and a rancher in western North Dakota. Here he is on his special horse “Chief” who we heard many stories about. My favorite childhood horse shown in the color photo (1972) was Happy Kay, a beautiful and special mare just like my Mara B. Maybe my love of horses is hereditary.