Maintenance Chores

I’m happy about a new “slow feeder” net system which has been added to Mara’s paddock. The net slows the horses eating, it requires a little work to pull the hay out of the net, which is more like actual grazing. Barn time today included chores like worming Mara, grooming her, lunging her (and she really had some extra energy to burn off) and cleaning brushes . I also worked with Andri and Mara together today which went really well. No riding but some sweet horse hours, plus satisfying routine barn chores.

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  1. I <3 my slow feeders!

    1. Hi I’ve been missing your posts….hope all is well ✌️🌼🌿

      1. They are great, thanks for checking in. I’m definitely behind on my posting. I hope to get something up this week.

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