Family Horse History

My mother, Helen (she was always called Honey) would be 99 today. Mom was not an active equestrian, but she was always supportive of my horse pursuits and enjoyed the family horses from a distance. This photo of her on a horse is probably one of her only times ‘riding.’ Her father, my grandfather Aaron, was a true horseman and a rancher in western North Dakota. Here he is on his special horse “Chief” who we heard many stories about. My favorite childhood horse shown in the color photo (1972) was Happy Kay, a beautiful and special mare just like my Mara B. Maybe my love of horses is hereditary.

4 thoughts on “Family Horse History

  1. Helen,
    I have never seen the picture of Mom and Mary Liz on the horses, if you don’t mind may I have a copy of the picture? Yes, Happy Kay as well as Lady were two good horses, Buff was one special horse as well. It almost looks like the animal Mom is on is a mule with the long ears, or maybe it is just the sleeve of her shirt that makes the ears look like a mules ears. Must be MEME’s shadow in the foreground. Vince

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