Quiet Bonding

Not every day is a saddle up and ride day, it just can’t be. Today was a day Mara and I had quiet bonding time together, and it was most enjoyable. Ground work and round pen exercise, plus grooming which is more like dusting now. Quiet time with Mara is necessary and rewarding.

Winding Neighborhood Lane

I have been watching a new house being built on my drive to the stable. So this mornings destination was to walk down the neighborhood road to go see it. Mara and I enjoy the landscape of this charming winding neighborhood lane. We also stopped to read the sign at the little park, however it states no horses. (darn.) 🌿🌼☀️

Memorial Day 2017

Jay and Mara B had some good bonding time together this afternoon in spite of the rain. Plus Jay had some guy time with Pete and his horses Beau and Ray. The stable was flying the flag on the road side of Mara’s paddock this Memorial Day.

To the Trail Head

Mara and I connected up with Bella and Jennifer for a pleasant morning ride. We rode past Sam’s to where the trail head goes down to the Kinnikinnic River. We’re looking forward to going down to the river but saved that adventure for another day. Sprinkles arrived after the ride as I was returning Mara back to her paddock. ✌️🌿🌼 Happy Memorial Day weekend to all you wonderful followers, I appreciate that you ride along with us. 💛

Paddock Pals & Trail Buddies

Gus and Kathryn joined us for a very nice morning ride today. We enjoyed the beautiful trees, the lush green growth and the quiet. Kathryn is also a great photographer for documenting our outing, which is fun for me. Gus and Mara seem to enjoy the trail together too. 🌼🌿✌️

Trail Memories 

Mara and I had a rest day today. Today Benjamin would be 28 years old. Here’s a photo of the two of us at the start of a family trail ride. I’m glad we shared horse times together. Benjamin loved animals and easily connected with them. ✌️💛

First Cutting

We saw the first cutting of the season on today’s ride. Just know the scents were really fresh and lovely. However Mara was “ouchy” on the gravel, so we cut the ride short. When we ‘returned to the barn and I cleaned her feet again, I found she had a rock embedded in the bottom of a hoof. Bummer, but with the wet moist ground she’s been standing on, her hoofs are soft and the rock was able to get stuck. One of those horse issues to be careful about. 🌼🌿


Mara Moments routines are healing for me. The day to day routines are often the same in many ways. Fetching Mara, grooming Mara, feeding Mara her extra ration balancer, ground work or riding, the un saddling, regrooming, cleaning her feet again, returning her to her paddock. Today we enjoyed a ‘routine’ visit that was very pleasant. Today’s photos however, show the stable routine the pasture horses love! When the paddock gate is opened and they get to go “out to pasture!” These daily routines are fun to watch and today I was there at the right time with my camera in hand.

Barn Activities 

The stable where Mara is boarded is also a large working farm. Many trucks, tractors and vehicles are present and active when horses are being handled. Today one activity Mara was around was loading this semi with seed, it’s loud and takes quite a bit of time. We rode the road with Char and SeaB then to stay off the wet, moist trails. Today Mara was also the first horse that Ranger, a new eight week old pup, was introduced to! And Mara was very sweet.