Butterflies, Daisies & Sky

Ideal conditions for our Friday morning ride today. Mara and I noticed many butterflies and daisies along a section of the trail, sweet signs of summer. Plus the sky was brilliant, Mara and I really enjoyed it all. Rolling when I returned her to the paddock may of been Mara’s highlight of the morning though!


No photos of trucks, because it would be to complex for me to take them while I’m mounted. Todays peaceful stroll down the quiet neighborhood lane was about trucks. We encountered the garbage truck, a big orange dump truck and a cement truck. (Very unusual) Mara handles it, but it feels tentative in the saddle as they go by. We only stopped to photograph the height of the corn for you today. We rode a bit of the back trail to finish our ride in a relaxing way. Where we did find a peaceful moment when we met up with Jackie and Leo!

Loudest Ride Ever

Mara and I made it into the indoor arena right before the beating rain started. We had heavy rain, thunder, lightening and hail hitting the roof, it was extremely loud. Imagine being under a metal roof with the elements pounding, that was today’s ride! A new experience for both of us, Mara handled it reasonably well, but I will admit she did eventually loose her focus. A ride for the record books.

To the River

Mara B and I rode with a pal to the river, a great destination ride this afternoon. Along the way twin fawns took us by surprise when they jumped up from their resting place on the edge of the field. Surprises are part of trail riding. It was a beautiful summer afternoon to spend with our horses, surprises and all. 🌿🌼✌️

Mara’s Vacation Time

Mara is on vacation time while Jay and I are in Chicago volunteering with Little Free Library at the American Library Association conference. We support Little Free Library in our son Benjamin’s memory. Walking around the exhibition hall we found a few good horse books! Chicago has been great and Mara is home under the watchful eye of friends.

Summer has Arrived 

Cool rain this first day of summer had the herd all trying to seek shelter from the rain drops. When I arrived I caught this photo, which shows one guy dominates the space and the other three try to squeeze in. Mara headed directly to the gate when she saw me, she was ready to head into the dry barn! Today was feeding paddock pals, feeding and grooming Mara in the barn and enjoying chatting with friends. I groomed Mara and had her all clean only to return her to the wet paddock. When I drove away the shelter squeeze was on again.

Long Views and Small Surprises 

This afternoon Mara and I had a good ride with long views and curves in the road. We rode through the Meyer Farm both directions.  Today we added a long jog trot pace on this sandy service road between the fields. The red berries in the woods have just appreared in the past few days, as a little surprise.

Morning Massage

Christina is an equine massage therapist who gave Mara a massage this morning. This is treatment for stiffness mostly, and Mara loves everything about it! Proponents of equine massage list a number of positive effects, including the improvement of movement and reduction of pain or stress. We use it for conditioning, wellness and her overall fitness.

After a massage you do not ride them that day. Mara had a big snack, a big drink and returned to her paddock for a day of relaxation.