Morning Ride & Mowed Ditches

Mara and I had a peaceful morning ride today. Having the ditches mowed is a welcome sight for us. Riding the road presents various factors to consider. One is that the asphalt and gravel can be hard on her feet and she is “barefoot” meaning she does not wear shoes. So I like to ride in the ditches until the grass gets too long and I can not see her footing. Then there is the issue of the long grass where ticks may be found. Mara has been immunized against tick borne diseases, but I still really want to minimize her chances of picking up any ticks. So when the ditches get mowed I’m pleased we can ride them again. After our rides I always groom her again and look for ticks!

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  1. So much pretty green!

    1. Nice to hear from you I hope all is well and that you’re enjoying some good summer rides ✌️🌼💛

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