Milkweed and Mail Truck

The Milkweed was very fragrant, the mail truck too fast! Today Mara and I had a morning ride down past Sam’s place. We sure enjoyed smelling the Milkweed along the side of the road. Then came the mail truck which we have certainly encountered before. Many vehicles of all shapes and sizes are part of riding down the side of a country road. Most drivers are courteous and slow down to pass horses. The mail truck, however has not. Today when he arrived at Sam’s mailbox, Mara and I were very close by so I put my hand up to request that he stop. The mail truck did stop and I asked him to please slow down in the future when horses are riding along the side of the road.  I was delighted to be able to politely make my request and I hope the fast mail truck is a thing of the past. ☀️🌿🌼

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