End of August

Today we saw many signs of farm equipment moving and soy bean fields turning yellow. Mara and I had a very good ride with fabulous weather. We rode to the Meyer Farm, turned around and enjoyed the same route in reverse to return back to the barn. The day was beautiful, Mara was great and August ended with a fun ride.

Back to School

Mara was eating away and covered in green hay dust when I first saw her this afternoon! Now, summer is concluding because we said farewell to Annika who is off to start second grade. Annika had summer riding lessons with Grandma Cindy and we really enjoyed seeing her around the stable. We will soon be saddling up for fall rides, wow.

An Adventurous Ride

A ride to the river is one of our significant trail rides. Today Mara and I made it to the river with a buddy, crossing the water twice! Since Mara and I do not venture there solo, we really enjoyed the extra adventure of today’s outing. Water adds that something extra.


Mara B and I had a pleasant solo outing this afternoon. We walked up a private driveway to enjoy this majestic Cottonwood. Then circled the hay field by Sam’s that had recently been cut. Returning to the barn we watched the neighborhood cows that live across the road, some real Wisconsin beauty!


Mara was in the weeds when I arrived this afternoon. The day was moist and clouds were hanging overhead so we headed directly to the barn. Companionship was what we enjoyed together this visit, through grooming, eating and relaxing side by side.

A Brisk Walk

We rode off through the Meyers Farm headed for the ‘parked’ old/retired equipment spot as our destination. The wind was up, the temps on the cool side and we were riding solo, I also had a new saddle pad on Mara. She walked briskly most of the ride, so I’m not certain which factor or factors played into her pace, but we covered some ground on this ride. Good exercise!

Behind the Scenes

Mara’s main activity for the day was a visit with her farrier Brian. Brian trims her hoofs every six to seven weeks. While Mara stands for the trim, Brutus shows up to eat the hoof trimmings, the new barn cat likes some food and paddocks were being cleaned. A few of the many behind the scenes stable activities, Mara B enjoys them all.

Ideal Summer Ride

Kim and I took Rio and Mara on a good long ride this afternoon with ideal conditions. We rode down a new road and saw a darling little front yard “hobby barn” which housed a goat, bunny, pig and a chicken all together! We even went “up on top” off the Meyers loop for some fabulous views. I’d say the horses enjoyed the outing as much as the humans.

Windy Walk

Mara and I were out with Kim and Rio this afternoon. Tree branches were swaying, corn stalks were waving and Mara’s mane was blowing in the breeze. The route can be familiar but the conditions are always varied, making each trail ride unique.

An Eclipse Ride

Mara and I rode during the peak eclipse period this afternoon. Our ride was down the lovely quiet neighborhood road. We found Wayne out taking pictures and chatted with him, he said it was “the peak” right then! Wayne took the eclipse moment photo of us. I may have captured something special on the picture I took directly of the sun, with the green shape on Mara’s face. A once in a lifetime ride for Mara B and me I guess.