Barn Party

Mara B and I rode out with Jennifer and Bella, and headed right back to the neighborhood stable behind River Brink this afternoon. It was great to return to where Mara had had the incident with those pasture horses a few days ago. No issues at all for us today and you can see we walked past a few of their horses who were right on the fence line. Back at the barn they were preparing for tonight’s annual pig roast and hayride party. We’re looking forward to it.

A One Way Ride

My ride out on Mara this afternoon was ideal. We saw that the golden soybean fields had now been cut. We also rode past the entrance of the neighboring stable. Our return trip however changed when two horses in the pasture started running. Running horses got Mara B upset. The long and short of it is that I found myself at odds with Mara and then found myself off of her! Mara B ran and I mean ran all the way back to the barn without me. I called Pat and he sent his dad out to pick me up and deliver me back to the barn. Mara was soaking wet from sweat. Horses are powerful animals and they have a mind of their own, I must always remember that, and today reminded me.


Mara B loves her hay! She is often enjoying the round bale when I arrive to visit her. While on our travels to Iowa we were delighted to meet Arthur Geisert, the illustrator of “Haystack” – a beautiful picture book with exquisite colored etchings. “Haystack” teaches that a haystack is more than just a pile of hay. No wonder Mara loves it. Many people like the smell of hay, especially when horses are eating it.

Change of Pace

Mara B gets a break and change of pace for a few days now! She is so good about going out riding almost everyday, she deserves a few days off. So Jay and I are on the road watching for horses along the way. Mara is keeping company with the herd over the fence in the next paddock. Our special friends keep a close eye on her too.

Today’s Surprises

Another beautiful day to be out on Mara B! We had a solo ride down to Sam’s. First we encountered six guys out in the corn field. This guy walked over close enough for us to talk to him, they are out goose hunting. Once Mara determined we were seeing people rather than something scary we proceeded. Next we had this darling cat come out of the tall grass on the side of the road! Surprises are often a part of a good trail ride.