Barn Party

Mara B and I rode out with Jennifer and Bella, and headed right back to the neighborhood stable behind River Brink this afternoon. It was great to return to where Mara had had the incident with those pasture horses a few days ago. No issues at all for us today and you can see we…

The Open Road

Today Mara and I enjoyed a perfect weather day together. We started in the round pen, then had a great ride on the open road through the Meyer Farm. We returned to the barn and met the UPS truck also heading up the driveway. A sweet September afternoon.

Different Direction 

Since I landed on my feet yesterday and Mara was now well rested and no worse for the wear from her run, off we rode this afternoon in the opposite direction from yesterday.  All was well, Mara B relaxed, calm and quiet. I appreciated seeing no other horses grazing in open pastures!