A One Way Ride

My ride out on Mara this afternoon was ideal. We saw that the golden soybean fields had now been cut. We also rode past the entrance of the neighboring stable. Our return trip however changed when two horses in the pasture started running. Running horses got Mara B upset. The long and short of it is that I found myself at odds with Mara and then found myself off of her! Mara B ran and I mean ran all the way back to the barn without me. I called Pat and he sent his dad out to pick me up and deliver me back to the barn. Mara was soaking wet from sweat. Horses are powerful animals and they have a mind of their own, I must always remember that, and today reminded me.

5 thoughts on “A One Way Ride

  1. Hey I hope you are okay! So, a little bit of a miss-communication then? That’s what I call it when stuff like this happens..I wonder what was going on in that mind of hers? They are so wonderful but at times, yes they are 1,000kg of pure “Mind of their own” …
    I’m sure it was just a one-of thing…
    Get back on ASAP
    x Mel

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      1. I am following you on instagram too! I love your blog and think yours is fun and real and awesome too x If i get on Facebook i’ll let you know. I have a youtube channel? Do u have one? you should start one mate x


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