Ride Along The River 

Mara and I teamed up again with Abby and Jack and headed to the river this afternoon. We had a great ride, crossed the water, saw two fly fisherman and enjoyed the lovely day. This is a more demanding ride and one I don’t do alone, so I really appreciated the outing. An energetic way to end the week.

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  1. Ann Borman says:

    Dear Helen and Mara, I so love riding along with you, especially on these gorgeous September days!! I can smell the grass-fed horses and hear the creak of saddles. I so love the view from over a horses ears. Thank you for tapping into some deeply held sweet memories for me. xoxo Ann

    1. Thank you Ann 💛

  2. Jane says:

    That looks like a gorgeous ride on a perfect fall day! I am envious!

    1. Thank you Jane ☀️ this feeds my soul

  3. beckyvince says:

    Love these pictures, Helen!

  4. Ah mate
    It looks awesome, look at that water!
    Mel x

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