Buck Territory 

Mara B and I rode the Dairy loop with Jennifer and Bella this afternoon. We saw the tell tale signs of deer “rutting” on trees. Google tells me that Bucks rub their antlers on small flexible trees to rub off the velvet that initially covers them. (Clearly damaging the tree). Other barn friends were also out riding the loop and we met up with them on the way back to the barn! The ride was my Halloween treat.

Dividing Our Time

Weather, sloppy mud and wind shortened our outdoor ride today.  We had much of our connection time in the indoor arena, on the ground and in the saddle. Our outdoor ride was the stretch of road right near the stable. Wet leaves and some patches of snow are covering the ground. We’re definitely feeling the change of seasons.

Fall Vet Visit 

We had the first snow and Dr Toby’s fall visit this morning. Mara B was staying as dry as possible in the shelter when I arrived. I sat on the bench, let Mara eat, she had her fall shots and headed back to her paddock. Weather does play into our horse time, and today’s weather was simply not conducive to great horse time.

No Wind

A day with no wind is a great day for riding. So today Mara and I liked, the warm sun and no wind as we explored more areas of the cow pasture again. The trees have lost so many leaves that we had great views of the woods. Riding in the opposite direction from the other day we explored a few little side trails, saw new sites and savored the peaceful setting.

The Tellington TTouch

I’m sharing a resource from “Benjamin’s Books” Little Free Library today. This great book on human animal communication showed up this week. Now Mara B and I plan to learn more about the Tellington TTouch technique. This morning Mara was so wet and muddy that we decided it was a day for rest, reading and reflection.

Special Treat & Special Task 

Today at the barn was about the special things that happen that do not involve riding. Melodee gave me this special gift and Mara had a special task!  We loaded Mara B into the trailer, to help load a horse that needed a ride to the Vet clinic but did not feel like loading. (It worked!) Special friends make our day special like the special horses we love, and I’m grateful.