Mara Moments posts show how a daily connection with my horse provides me with a creative healing activity while also promoting equine therapy. In addition I have been trying to give voice to Suicide Awareness and Prevention by sharing my healing journey as a suicide survivor. I find it important to be a part of a broader discussion of depression, mental health, isolation and trauma. Today is International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day 2017. The loss of life and the toll on suicide survivors in incalculable. Starting with this awareness and gentle reminder of the dangers of untreated mental illness, let’s please contribute in our own way to help reduce suicides. Thank you.

Mara B is my wonderful therapy horse and I am very grateful for her. Today she was true therapy.

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  1. Thank yo for your brave story and showing what special gifts horses can provide.

    1. Thank you for your support ✌️💛

  2. Sarah says:

    You and Mara B make my day brighter. Hugs dear friend.

    1. You’re a Dear one Sarah💛✌️

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