Hoof Treatment 

Mara was extremely sore today, in fact she did not want to move. So Brian her farrier came into her paddock to treat the abscess. Brian tested the hoof, felt for heat and identified the site of the pocket of purulent material (much like a whitehead pimple.) He then trimmed hoof and created a small opening to relieve the pressure. Mara will continue to have her hoof wrapped with a medicated poultice pad. I’ll change the dressing in two days and Brian will return to recheck her on Friday. I gave Mara B more Bute and got her over to the water tank before saying goodbye. We are on the road to recovery.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I feel so bad for Mara B and you. Glad you are back as her spirits are likely much brighter with her pal in the stall.

    1. Sarah you’re the sweetest! Mara has been a sweet girl through it all! Thank you

  2. Get better soon Mara x Sending hugs

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