Fur Friends/Animal Pals

My Mara B time this morning was very cold, wind chills were the issue. I found it too chilly to do much, however our paddock pals and the animal friends around River Brink did not seem to really notice.  So not a lot of moving for Ms Mara, just grooming and eating again. As I’ve said before, weather plays a major factor in my horse activities!


Mara and I had a routine visit today, routine in the sense that our time together does generally follow a pattern. Greetings in the paddock, arena time for her to get some exercise, grooming and cleaning her hoofs plus she always has a bite to eat. Our Barn cats are also a part of the daily routines, they also, always want me to give them some food. Temps this morning were back to too cold to do much else.

Icy Footing 

Mara B and I did ride out this morning, however with very different conditions than yesterday. After the thaw and then today’s drop in temps we had really icy footing to manage. I even hand walked her across the solid ice on the driveway to get into the hayfield. We then circled the hayfield in the opposite direction of yesterday and called it a day. Good exercise for Ms Mara!


Forty degrees this afternoon provided excellent conditions for our ride! Mara and I circled the hay field, walked into the cow pasture and finished with a glance out in the cornfield. With some sun, blue sky and warm temperatures it was an excellent January trail ride. The warm temps even had Pat and Sam really cleaning the pasture paddock.

Signs of Deer

Mara and I had a morning walk along the side of the hayfield today and saw many signs of the neighborhood deer. Deer tracks, scat and oval-shaped impressions in the snow where deer had been resting were along our path. Plus the morning fog had left lovely frost on the grasses and tree branches, it was quite magical.

Muted Winter Whites

Today Mara and I had a very beautiful afternoon ride, the stillness and muted colors against all the bright new snow were quietly stunning. We headed out into the back corn field and returned along the cow pasture fence. The sky was gray, there was no wind at all and it was absolutely silent. Mara is getting a good workout walking through the eight to ten inches of snow and I was delighted with the ride!

Early Visit 

Mara B and I met up early this morning in order to miss the predicted heavy snowfall. We had relaxed arena time, flexing and lunging and I even hopped on bareback again. Snow was just starting to fall as Mara B returned to her paddock. Now we probably have six inches of new snow! Hopefully the herd is huddled together in the shelter.