Hay Belly

Mara has been hanging out at the round bale and not moving much! Thus she has a big belly, or hay belly some say. I don’t worry about it, because when I checked I learned that in fact the horse is not fat, she has gas! In fact, gas production is normal and healthy. It indicates the horse is getting enough hay for gut fermentation. Some horses get a grazing muzzle to keep their hay/grass intake down, for various reasons. One of the pasture horses is wearing his grazing muzzle today.

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  1. My Freddy would need a muzzle, that’s why I couldn’t have a hay bale, he would stand there and just eat until he fell over 🙂
    It looks cool over there, but Mara and the other horses have big fluffy winter coats.
    Makes me smile
    mel x

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