Solo Barn Time

Monday was quiet around the Barn, Mara and I had the place to ourselves for our grooming and ride time, which is rather unusual. We had skills and drills, circles and trotting plus plenty of calm walking around the indoor to give Mara needed exercise out of her very muddy, soupy paddock. Some pleasant horse time before the afternoon rain arrived.

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  1. I love time when i can ride and there is nobody around. I feel that is when i connect with my boys the best. I hope it was a wonderful time with Mara. It’s becoming colder here, so you should be getting warmer soon. Mel x

    1. Mel I agree, I’m rather a loner and Mara and I do very well on our own together. You’re a special pal, thank you 💛🌿✌️Helen

      1. As are you my friend x

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