Mara has been tender footed and less willing to trot off and to move out recently. Because she has already had a case of laminitis two years ago, I was concerned and feeling that something was “off.”

So today she had a Vet check and it was confirmed that she is dealing with another bout of Laminitis. A blood test, exam and hoof check now have us on a rehabilitation treatment program moving forward. Mara was given pain medication (daily for the next four weeks ) and we will wait approximately three days for the results of the blood tests. A real bummer, however we are on our improvement plan and looking for good results for her.

Foals & Furry Friend

Jay and I visited the foals at the University Farm campus on the way to River Brink this afternoon and I thought it would be fun to share a few photos of the babies.

We also brought our pup Lindy B to join us on a walk with Mara B. The four of us had a great late afternoon outing together and we all appreciated the warm spring sunshine.

Transportation Modes

This afternoon my Barn time with Mara was about seeing various forms of transportation, Spring has brought out the tractors for sure.

And motorcycles too.

Plus we got to wave hello to the UPS truck!

We loved the blue sky and fluffy clouds, however strong winds kept our own ride time indoor today. Mara had fun and seemed to like the motorcycle the most!

Fresh Start

The spring ritual of scraping clean the paddocks has now begun! When I arrived at the barn early this morning I could see the neat piles of manure waiting to be transported and spread on the fields. The horses are used to these activities happening around them.

Arriving early today allowed me to chat with Maddi and to meet her darling new therapy dog in training, Huck! Mara and I loved his energy and enthusiasm.

Ride time took us out back around the hay field and around the corn field stubble, because before long they will be plowing and planting back there. Still a sliver of snow left on the trail along the woods. Mara and I enjoyed the early morning time together.

Spring Burning

Mara and I were just past Sam’s this afternoon when we saw there has already been a spring burn, the grass management program used to revitalize the prairie.

Another wonderful sign of spring we enjoyed on today’s ride were new pussy willows starting to appear.

And on our walk back to the stable, Julie, Lulu and their pups stopped to say hello which Mara and I both liked. We had such a pleasant and peaceful midweek jaunt.

Spring Exercising

In an attempt to help Mara drop some winter pounds we hiked the cornfield rows this afternoon! We had breezy winds but great ground conditions with some mild elevation to walk through. Returning to the barn Mara had time in the wash stall, I do want to get the caked on mud off of her feet. The paddock is drying out at last!

Sweet Visit

Mara B was lucky to meet “Aunts” (and followers) Beth and Kay today! They were sweet visitors and great groomers. We all enjoyed the horse time plus the beautiful warm weather together. Mara B and I then rode across M to Swedish Mission Road for our outing. Mara gave me a little spring spin around on the way back, not sure why? There were no “issues” so we regrouped and calmly continued on our way. Spring riding can tend to be a bit of starting over again….

The Breeder & Snowshoe Tracks!

Mara and I rode through the Meyer farm this morning and met up with the AI Breeder who had an appointment with a couple of heifers, we said hello and chatted a few minutes. Continuing on to the field road we surprisingly saw fresh snowshoe tracks! On the return back through the farm we had a little cow communication because both Mara and the cows got a little nervous. It was a great spring ride with some new views for both of us.