4/4 Snow Ride

Mara B had a good lunging session in the indoor arena this afternoon, she really wanted to move out. Then we saddled up for an early April snow ride around the barnyard, rather deep snow too! We walked past the maple syrup collection buckets which is hopefully a sign of real spring, arriving soon.

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  1. What are the maple collect buckets?? what do you use that for? Mel x

    1. Maple syrup! From Maple tree sap that drips out and they collect it, boil it down and it becomes syrup! 😊💛☀️

  2. Maura M says:

    The maple syrup buckets bring back many memories of riding in the Spring in the Minnesota woods. I remember the buckets hanging from actual faucets that had been redesigned to be poke-able into the trees and the raw sap flowed through them into the metal bucket. So cool to see that again and from the back of a good horse. Love it!

    1. Thank you Maura! Miss you 💛

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