Jim & Friends

Jim came all the way from Oregon to say hello to Mara B! Fortunately he was also able to meet a few fun friends! Mara and I found it all very entertaining.

Jim was thrilled to have horse time, to tour River Brink and to visit with such great horse gals this morning. However he needed to dash to Duluth so we said farewell I saddled up Mara B and off we headed through the Meyer Farm.

Returning back through the Meyer Farm we encountered the “young cows who appear to be falling from the sky” (as Cindy describes it) because they moved up in to a pasture above us, which made Mara poop (nerves ) which meant I had to dismount and clean the road apples off the road! Mara calmed down, I remounted and on we went. A very good end to the month of May for us.

Jack & Peanut

Mara and I enjoyed a visit from Abby, Jack and Peanut this afternoon. Peanut is young and in training so today she had a trailer ride, a different stable to investigate and was ponied along on our ride.

The rain showers did however catch us on the way back to the Barn!

It was a new adventure for all of us and Abby was even still smiling when we made it back inside.

Peanut was brave and charming, and she even has a little Mara B look to her too!

Gardens & Lawns

Mara B and I were ready for an outing this morning and we liked strolling the quiet neighborhood street. The beautiful lawns and gardens were lovely and Toni even invited us up to see her gardens and cute shed where she grows herbs.

We also noticed the snowy white fluff from cottonwood trees fly through the air and blanket the ground today.

This lawn is one of my favorites and motivated me to get home and on to my own yard work!

Mara B was very good and seemed to also be happy to be out and about on such a nice morning.

Shade & Water

Mara B and Spice were chilling side by side when I arrived for an early morning visit. It’s a sizzler this Memorial Day with temps expected in the high 90s. Mara and I went into the outdoor arena for a change of view and a little exercise.

However what we both preferred was cool water and a shaded space to relax.

This Memorial Day we honor the fallen people and war horses who have served our country.

Cool Down

Today was simply too hot to do much more than provide Mara B a little cool down time. Jay was in charge of Mara B this afternoon and both horse and human loved their bonding time together. We took Mara into the cool refreshing barn for a relaxing respite with food, grooming and then sprayed her with fly spray.

Fortunately the cool afternoon clouds were also very beautiful and refreshing.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all our special followers, summer has arrived.


I had an early morning connection time with Mara B today, she was covered in sand and dirt after a heavy rain last night. I enjoyed cleaning her up and dusting her off.

We were low key because today would have been Benjamin’s 29th Birthday and we wanted to simply remember Benjamin reflect and rest today. (Here’s a photo of Benjamin with a horse I leased.)

So rest and reminisce is what we did today.


Petite & Tall

This morning Mara B and I thoroughly enjoyed an outing with the Icelandic horses Leo and Kole and their special people Jackie and Pam. Since Jackie commented on how tall Mara is I let her sit on her before our ride! A treat for Mara for sure.

We rode a bit of the sunny road and a bit of the cool shaded back trail.

It’s now summer time hot, so the horses got a cool rinse off in the shower stall when we returned to the barn.

Cow Pasture is Waiting

Mara B and I toured the top of the cow pasture this afternoon because soon the cows will be returning and we won’t be able to ride there. The pasture is lush and green and ready and waiting for the grazing cows to return. I enjoy this route so hopefully we’ll get another ride in before the gate is closed to riders for the summer.

We met a turkey and then a deer on the ride up.

A lovely and peaceful spot.


Mara and I rode behind the stable, through last years corn field that is still waiting to be plowed and planted plus to the front of Meyers Farm this afternoon. It was a still and peaceful afternoon with an ideal temperature.

What I noticed today were darling patches of colorful groundcover along our paths.

Delightful surprises under foot!

To the Kinni

Mara and I were pleased to meet up with Nena and Nyles and Alanna and Allegro for a great ride to the Kinnickinnic (Kinni for short) River this afternoon.

The horses were awesome, they each enjoyed playing in the water and Alanna had us even walking up stream! Which was a fun new first for Mara B and me.

A good start to a summer of riding.