Sweet & Sixteen

Happy Birthday to Mara B today!

I brought her balloons (special thanks to photographer Jackie A. for today’s pictures.)

Then gave her free time in the round pen, and Mara really had energy! She was very warm when she had finally dashed around enough. So I walked her out to cool her down, and we stopped for her festive nibble of grass (a treat because Mara B does not get to eat grass.)

I enjoyed her birthday and I hope she did too 💛 Mara immediately rolled when I returned her to her paddock!

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  1. Happy birthday beautiful girl x what a lovely foal she was mate and what a beauty of a horse xx

    1. Hi Mel thank you 😊✌️💛

  2. Awe. Happy BDay Mara!

    1. Thank you! Mara appreciates your well wishes

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