Mara Maintenance

Jay was a big part of providing love and care to Ms Mara B this afternoon.

While Jay groomed Mara and let her eat her snack, I prepared the food bags she is fed. Mara is fed by the stable chore crew her food ration that has the thyroid powder medication in it twice daily. I prepare the bags and leave them in a closed container outside her paddock, it’s a great system.

Jay applied fly spray and took Mara B for a walk around the stable grounds.

We returned Mara to her paddock after a satisfying and pleasant visit for the three of us.

A big drink is generally the first thing she likes.

Heat & H2O

It’s a hot one here today! So to beat the heat I met up with Mara B early this morning and found her just finishing breakfast.

Today I had a mission to accomplish, which was to ride down to the river. Mara has shown resistance to “go down” the trail to the water on two past visits to the entrance. So today we teamed up with Alanna and Allegro for their support and made it to the water.

Mara was nervous and up (I’m thinking due to the bad experience with her allergic reaction to the weeds we encountered on her last ride here) heading down so I dismounted and calmly hand walked her to the river. We just let her drink and splash and play in the water and she completely relaxed. I rode her back up the wooded trail and we were both delighted with the whole adventure. Thanks Alanna!

I was also glad to have my water bottle along!

Mara B savored a long drink of water when I returned her to her paddock, we love our H2O.

Luna & the Clouds

Lovely Luna trailered over (with Pam) to join us on today’s trail ride.

Four of us rode around the dairy loop, first stopping to see Barbie and her Babe.

And continued along in true trail riding formation! Kim, thanks for the great photo today.

I loved seeing the perfect white clouds against the blue sky and green fields.

Pat and Sam were also delivering and stacking hay bales to Sam’s barn for storage.

Horses and ladies were all quite warm after our fun outing together because the summer heat has arrived!

David & Butterflies

Mara B and I had a solo ride this afternoon, but felt like we enjoyed great company with all the butterflies who rode along. The butterflies must be fond of the milkweed and flowering bushes that stood out to us on today’s ride.

We also had a nice chat with David when we walked through his farm.

We continued on and enjoyed the open road and a favorite big beautiful tree we pass on the Meyers loop.

A warm calm summer ride that engaged all our senses.

Circled the Wagons

Mara and I spent most of our connection time together in the indoor arena to stay out of the afternoon mist. Wagons of new bales of hay were also staying dry in the indoor arena again today. The fresh aroma was wonderful!

We did saddle up and ride circles in and out of the wagons as a little fun activity. Even played a little squeeze game.

Plus Mara B posed for a few photos next to the rustic wood siding of one of the hay wagons, that I liked.

So for an indoor day with ground work, ride time, grooming and Mara munching we had a change of pace day that was slow moving and enjoyable.

College Friends & Young Friends

Mara B and I had a fun and full morning together, first activity was watching the dragging/leveling/grooming work in the outdoor arena (the indoor arena was also dragged.) Some good seasonal stable maintenance getting done.

Summer allows some of the college gals to be around during the day, so Haley and Mackenzie joined in on today’s ride! It was fun to chat with them.

Plus we had darling young friends at the barn today, we met up with Annika when we all happened to stop by to visit Barbie and her Colt.

The youngest riders added a special sweet charm to our stable time!

Gates & Gaits

Jay and I had a late afternoon visit with Mara on this gorgeous summer Saturday. Jay managed Mara and was our photographer. Our ride time was fun practice drills in the outdoor arena working first on opening and closing the gate (more practice time is needed.)

Plus we practiced our extended gaits and enjoyed moving out together.

Jay then groomed, applied fly spray and returned Mara B to her paddock after a fun and satisfying visit for all of us.

extra photos thanks to Jay today.

Hello Athena

Pam trailered Athena to River Brink to ride a loop with us this morning. It was an ideal relaxed summer trail ride.

We rode past Daisies and Baby on the way home. ( Baby would not come out of the shelter however.)

Then it was loading into the trailer practice for Bella, Kol and Mara B. (thanks Pam.) Mara loaded in and out twice, just beautifully and it was fun to see her do something a little out of our ordinary routine. Mara was calm and quiet about it all.

photos were too tough to take during the actual “practice” as I can only do one thing at a time, and I was focused on the loading process and having a calm horse back out of the trailer.

Tree on the Trail

Mara and I had a late afternoon ride out with Kim and Rio and our discovery was this tree down across the trail. No big deal for our mounts and on we continued to the entrance of the neighboring stable.

We all enjoyed these fresh juniper bushes that we passed, they smelled and looked so lovely.

A good first day of summer ride, and thank you for riding along with us!

Rode (the road) with Rio

Kim and Rio rode with us this afternoon on the Meyer loop road, and Kim is the photographer for a few of today’s photos, thanks Kim. we had an ideal day to enjoy the sun the breeze and the fields riding this perfect peaceful sandy field road.

We saw turkeys today and were amazed at the height of the corn already.

We extended the outing off on to a side road and then returned home through the Meyer Farm again. The cows were being fed and we noticed the thistle is flowering, which looked lovely from afar.

This last day of “Spring” gave us a wonderful ride.