Puddles & Bench

The path to Mara’s paddock was mostly a puddle today.

She was happy to see me and came right to the gate so I would take her into the barn for a snack and a break from the rain.

I sat on the barn bench while Mara munched on her hay close by. We both felt slow and lazy, so I removed the wet muddy fly boots, let her dry off a bit and we decided to wrap up the days visit.

When I returned Mara B to her paddock she stopped for a big drink.

Hope we get to ride out tomorrow!

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  1. Laura Giaquinto says:

    I always love following Mara. Thanks for your beautiful photographs and for sharing both of your journeys with me.

    1. Love knowing you’re riding along Laura 💛

  2. So much rain! Fingers crossed for a ride.

    1. Thank you 😊

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