Heat & H2O

It’s a hot one here today! So to beat the heat I met up with Mara B early this morning and found her just finishing breakfast.

Today I had a mission to accomplish, which was to ride down to the river. Mara has shown resistance to “go down” the trail to the water on two past visits to the entrance. So today we teamed up with Alanna and Allegro for their support and made it to the water.

Mara was nervous and up (I’m thinking due to the bad experience with her allergic reaction to the weeds we encountered on her last ride here) heading down so I dismounted and calmly hand walked her to the river. We just let her drink and splash and play in the water and she completely relaxed. I rode her back up the wooded trail and we were both delighted with the whole adventure. Thanks Alanna!

I was also glad to have my water bottle along!

Mara B savored a long drink of water when I returned her to her paddock, we love our H2O.

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