End of July

Good ride today to wrap up the month of July! With Kim and Rio, Mara and I covered some different tracks. From County Road M to our quiet neighborhood street. We encountered a dump truck, a tractor a speedy delivery truck and plenty of cars. The horses are really good about it.

We even went down a private driveway (by invitation) and saw the neighboring steer roping setup that I had not seen before.

Continued to the power line road and rode to the upper fields with great views.

Rio and Mara were wonderful, both were very warm, and the riders were feeling their knees by the time we returned to the barn. Great last day of July ride for us. (Thanks for your photos Kim.)

Enjoyed the Youngins

A new pup at the stable! We met Breyer today and will be delighted to watch him grow.

Kim and Rio and Mara and I rode a fun double loop this morning and also stopped to check on Barbies young foal, he was very engaged with us!

We had a gorgeous calm summer day for a perfect trail ride.

Returned to the Barn and met up with our super special young horse pals!

Feeling young at heart too.

Bridle Path & Soybeans

Mara B and I shared later afternoon ride time together but first I trimmed up her bridle path to keep her looking sharp!

We mostly spent time in the outdoor arena trotting patterns and then went out around to inspect the stable grounds looking for interesting photos that I post on our Instagram account.

We both warmed up, found some interesting shots and appreciated the exercise time.

Evening Ride Morning Ride

After resting up from Horse Camp yesterday I returned to the Barn for an evening ride. Peter joined me as photographer so here are a few photos from last night with Peter and Mara B.

Returning to the barn we met up with Maddie and enjoyed chatting with her and watched her bring in the stall horses for the night. Fun for us to see the evening stable routines.

This morning on our outing we met up with Jackie and Cindy and stopped to sing Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Mara B and I continued on our separate way and happened to confront a large scary straw bale that we had never seen before. I dismounted to walk Mara past it and let her examine it, remounted and we went further down the way to Sam’s. We walked back past the big bale again on the way home with no issues. (I carry my lead rope on my saddle as a safety measure for these situations.)

Lots of photos to share today, but Mara B and I have had lots of time together these past 24 hours! So an extra show n tell to post plus a big thank you to Peter.

Followed by a Monarch

Today’s ride was a dedicated ride for Paul B who is recovering from some major surgery. Yesterday I told Paul that Mara B and I would be riding for him this morning so to have a Monarch along with us was pretty neat.

Mara and I had a peaceful quiet solo ride and soaked in the calm stillness of the morning.

Our unique sighting was the ash and remains left from a small fire.

We concluded the ride without the butterfly but are hoping good things are around the corner for all of us!

Mara B was a very good girl.

Stitches Removed

Thank you Liz! Our pal Liz was bold, confident and competent this morning and helped clean Mara’s wound and snipped off the remaining stitches. Things are looking much better now and Mara B sure appreciated the fine treatment. We’re hoping it’s simply a matter of trying to keep it some what clean, keeping a little aerosol bandage on it and now let nature take its course.

We also had a good ride with three other pals and today’s observation was oats being cut.

The summer season is never static!

Thirty Percent Chance

We did not make the 30% chance Dr. Anne gave Mara’s stitches of holding, this morning I discovered the wound has reopened. Alanna was a wonderful help to us, she cleaned it out with an antiseptic, trimmed a few stitches off and then I was able to recover it with the aerosol bandage. Darn, however Mara B is handling it all beautifully.

We continued on with a good ride out joined by Kim and Rio and all loved the vivid green landscape and gorgeous trees we passed.

I’m still waiting on a call back from Dr. Anne to consult with her on what to do next…..

River Brink Rendezvous

Matthew (our neighbor) joined us for our Mara B time on this beautiful afternoon and we all shared some good horse/horsewoman time! Matthew and Jay first practiced their horsemanship skills with Ms Mara B.

We rendezvoused with Jennifer and Folly!

Lorrie and Devine!

We groomed, fed and rode Mara B.

Horses and humans enjoyed a special summer afternoon rendezvous!

Motorcycle, Horses & Semi

Mara B and I saw three distinct modes of transportation during our time together today. Always fun to see Tyler pull up on his motorcycle, Mara B enjoys him as much as I do and today we checked out his new Harley. (I asked about his tee shirt, and Tyler explained he rides as a security team member on a Breast Cancer Motorcycle Fundraising Ride!)

Returning from down the road we got to chat with pals Cindy and Jackie on their lovely Icelandic horses.

Mara and I then turned back around and returned towards Sam’s again to avoid the Semi truck that was maneuvering around and parking at the farm we would need to walk past.

It was also garbage pick up day but at least we missed the garbage truck!