Evening Ride Morning Ride

After resting up from Horse Camp yesterday I returned to the Barn for an evening ride. Peter joined me as photographer so here are a few photos from last night with Peter and Mara B.

Returning to the barn we met up with Maddie and enjoyed chatting with her and watched her bring in the stall horses for the night. Fun for us to see the evening stable routines.

This morning on our outing we met up with Jackie and Cindy and stopped to sing Happy Birthday to Jackie!

Mara B and I continued on our separate way and happened to confront a large scary straw bale that we had never seen before. I dismounted to walk Mara past it and let her examine it, remounted and we went further down the way to Sam’s. We walked back past the big bale again on the way home with no issues. (I carry my lead rope on my saddle as a safety measure for these situations.)

Lots of photos to share today, but Mara B and I have had lots of time together these past 24 hours! So an extra show n tell to post plus a big thank you to Peter.

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