August has come and gone and it was a month of great rides for Mara B and me! Off we went this morning with Victoria and Cricket.

Mara led the way first around the dairy loop.

Plus half of the Meyers loop. The weather improved each step of the way and it turned out to be a beautiful ride with subtle colors of September starting to peak through.

Thank you Mara B for all the lovely summer rides of 2018.

Round with Rosie & No Reins

Tera and Rosie rode with us this morning on their first ever trail ride around the Meyer loop. Rosie was wonderful and enjoyed covering some new territory! It was special and fun for everyone.

Returning to the barn we met up with other riders and joined them on the dairy loop.

Alanna rode Allegro with no reins, because she rode him bridleless! Yes, that was with no bridle, wow. The amazing bond between horse and rider was powerful and cool to observe. Alanna rode with leg aids rather than reins!

An excellent Barn/riding day with many different horses and horse gals. It felt like trail riding in the classic traditional sense.

A Great Double

Kim and Rio and Mara and I had an ideal day for a great morning ride! We successfully rode each of our two main riding “loops” and were delighted that the ride was peaceful and uneventful.

Large gorgeous clouds and color changes in fields along the way were our main observations.

Mara B and Rio were both marvelous mounts.

Greet & Eat

We were washed out by rain today, so Mara B and I took it as a relaxing day “off.” Mara was damp and dirt, she ate while I cleaned her up. The Barn was silent and still.

For our little outing I hand walked her down the road.

We were able to avoid the raindrops long enough for Mara to stop and nibble a few flowers along the way.

Our very wet, damp, and muddy conditions kept us off the trails….

Late August Gardens

To avoid the wet muddy trails and buggy conditions today Mara B and I rode the quiet neighborhood road this morning. It was very calm and pleasant. We did have two bicycle riders zoom around a curve toward us and we don’t often have experience with bikes, but Mara was fine and the boys really friendly.

The late summer gardens we rode past looked stunning to us! Ornamental grasses and various blooms highlighted a few of the gardens we stopped to enjoy.

The air was warm and humid and the gnats and flies were ‘bugging’ both of us. Mara did wear her “quiet ride” mask and I also put her fly mask (thanks Char) on her when she returned to her paddock. (to keep flies out of her eyes.)

It was a good change of route and routine for our Monday together.

Gate and Barrel

It’s Saturday so Jay and Mara had their connection time together!

Jay manages Mara on these visits and she is such a good girl for him. We also headed to the outdoor arena for riding. It’s fun to have Jay as our photographer, so he took pictures of our opening the gate practice (I’ve been slowly working on this skill and we still need more practice.) We also practiced trotting the barrel pattern, just for fun.

For a surprise ending I walked Mara right into the barn! Not the smartest or safest move, but I do trust her and Jay was able to capture the moment.

Thanks for the great photos Jay, thanks for being a sweet horse Mara B.

Three Helpers

Plenty of Rain kept Mara and me inside for our time together today.

However the rain day turned into a fun day for us because of three special helpers who were visiting River Brink. Jennifer’s pals were having horse camp and Mara B got in on the adventures and special treatment too.

Mara B had arena time, grooming, snacking and super sweet attention. I throughly enjoyed this indoor barn day as well, the rain did not spoil the horse fun and enthusiasm!

Breezy, Baby & Cut Field

Jennifer, Kim and I took our horses out on a breezy afternoon ride today. First stop was checking on Barbie and Cha Ching. Cha Ching had gotten out Julie told us, then he kicked the dog and injured his leg, oh my. So we will continue to watch his healing progress on future rides by.

Mara B is very interested in Cha Ching and Barbie does not like it! Barbie came directly for Mara to tell her to leave.

The hay field was cut which makes for an easy and pleasant ride around the parameter because I like to clearly see our footing.

The three horses and three gals had a satisfying outing.

Parked Obstacles

Mara B and I preferred wide open space for today’s ride so we headed through the Meyer Farm, riding in the opposite direction we rode yesterday.

We approached parked vehicles blocking the gate section we go through to ride on to the field road. We had to wait patiently for a tractor pulling a trailer to back up. Cows were mooing and machinery humming and I was very pleased that Mara was calm and collected.

We enjoyed the quiet road and wide open space. I focused on the ride and took fewer photos today!

Mara stretched her legs and we both took in the peacefulness of the fields and sky.

Soybean Surprise & Flying Camera

Kim and Rio and Mara and I headed out on a double loop ride this morning. We had a perfect relaxed pace, we cantered up the hill on the Meyers road and we savored the sights along the way.

On the second loop we were between the woods and a soybean field just ready to turn the corner to head over the dike. All was calm, I stopped to take a photo when a bird in the soybean field ‘got us!’ Mara did a huge swing around so Rio did the same and Kim went off. Darn. My camera went flying off too. Thank Goodness, Kim got up and was alright, amen. This was a scary situation for all of us.

We calmed the horses, caught our breath and remounted for a peaceful walk back to the Barn.

Then Pat let us use his ATV to return to the site of the mishap and we even found my camera!

There are hidden hazards on the trail, today we experienced a very real and dangerous situation. I do love the peaceful tranquility of trail riding and believe our horses are solid trail horses however they are real horses and there are real risks on trail rides. I’m so grateful all ended well for Kim and me this time.