Today’s post is in support of World Suicide Prevention Day 2018. WSPD began in 2003, in 2010 I knew nothing about it.

The theme of WSPD 2018 is “working together to prevent suicide.” Please connect, care and communicate about suicide with your personal inner circle if need me.

Mara B and I dedicated our ride this morning in memory of Benjamin Curry Stassen.

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  1. Denise Joyce says:

    Hello Helen,

    Nice post today! Join you in thinking of Benjamin and Sean.


    Denise >

  2. Laura Giaquinto says:

    Hi Helen,

    I absolutely LOVE the picture you have posted today of Mara B. in the sunshine in honor of WSPD18 and Benjamin. Can you please send that picture to my phone via text or as an attachment to an email to me. I would like to print it out and post it here in my office next to Benjamin’s picture at my home office desk. It is stunning and a wonderful reminder to me of Benjamin and all of the joy he brought to our family.

    Love you.


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