Following Two Tails

Mara and I rode out this afternoon with both Brutus and Bo in tow. Very fun to follow them and to watch them go in and out of the woods ahead of us.

When I was a young rider my favorite barn dog was named Jumbo and he rode miles with us. Today’s ride reminded me of Jumbo and the fun of trail riding with good dogs along.

Here’s the field side of Mara’s paddock, her horse friends were relaxing this afternoon when we returned home.

The last day of November provided us with a delightful ride.

Riding Out

Mara and I were able to ride the back trail this afternoon.

The pasture horses at the neighboring stable where all blanketed and munching on their round bales.

We circled back around and rode home through the bare fields.

It was refreshing to be “out” for both of us, and we would have ridden longer but my chilly toes sent us back to the barn. It was 24 degrees.

Chaps over ski pants were toasty but I think I need to pull out my winter boots too.


Today when I went to bring Mara B in, JAC (aka: Socks) marched right out to her paddock with me! It’s always a fun treat to have that extra special companionship at the barn.

While Mara nibbled on hay I spent a good deal of time really cleaning her up, and she needed it.

I wanted to let her have free ‘run around’ time in the indoor arena, however I was not able to pull the side door down. Instead I set up a little barrier, and she was very compliant and respectful of it. So Mara did get to dash about and expend her energy while I enjoyed seeing how she respected the blockade!

I had some pleasant human horse/cat/dog interactions this Monday afternoon.

Black Saturday

Forget Black Friday, Mara B introduced me to “Black Saturday” this afternoon.

The only white on her that was clean was the blaze on her face!

Mara is a real horse who loves to roll. She was also very alert to more hunters up on the hill behind the paddocks.

Mara had trot time in the indoor arena, a nibble of hay and we called it a day, she was actually too wet/muddy to even brush.

Peter Visits Mara

Fun to have Peter home so he could visit Mara B today!

Peter, Mara and I experienced many out of the ordinary Barn activities this afternoon. Thanksgiving weekend hunters were heard and visible off in the surrounding fields which had the horses curious and on alert.

Then Eve and Dave were covering their horse trailer which got Mara’s attention.

Peter captured creative photos for us too, some of which appear in today’s post.

Mara and I love when Peter visits.

A Heap

Ms Mara had sprint time in the indoor arena this afternoon and she raced around numerous times, but too fast for me to photograph (sorry.) We then headed ‘out back’ to inspect the huge heap of shredded corn husks up close.

We like to poke around and inspect the parked farm equipment back there too.

We agreed that we are thankful for the unique corn husk bedding Mara sleeps on. And another thing we are thankful for, is the heater in the bathroom! I turn the heat up when I arrive and put Mara’s bridle on a nearby hook to warm her bit. Most of us I’d say, appreciate the warm seating and warm water in there as well.

Today Mara B and I looked for small things to be grateful for, along with the big things, like you our readers, pals at the barn and having our daily horse/human relationship to nurture. So to you we say

May you know peace and plenty this Thanksgiving. We thank you for riding along with us!


Day In/Day Out

Monday Mara and I stay in playing the squeeze game with barrels in the arena. Plus she had some good time to stretch her legs and kick up her heals. I found it to be rather fun!

Today was our day outside, first we walked over behind the equipment shed to watch the corn husks being shredded for use as stall bedding. Such an interesting recycling operation used at River Brink Stables.

We ended our outside time in the outdoor arena for Mara to wander around and take in a different view. The footing is now hard and lumpy and Mara didn’t feel very motivated to move out.

Since riders must still stay off the trails as hunting season stretches on Mara and I are embracing low key horse activities. We concluded with grooming and nibbles for Ms Mara then wrapped up today’s chilly visit.

Jay, Dash, Kick

Jay and Mara had a warm greeting this afternoon, they like each other! Jay puts on her halter, leads her to the barn and talks to her while he grooms her and she nibbles.

Today Mara B needed time to dash about in the indoor arena, she had a lot of energy.

Then Liz let us enjoy her mega ball horse toy for our play time with Mara B! Jay was there to photograph me teaching her to kick it. Thanks Liz.

Playing with a horse toy made for some good indoor fun for the three of us.

At the end of our visit Jay and Mara watched the setting sun together.

Trails “Closed”

Mara and I got out and rode down the road today, but tomorrow the hills and trails will be closed to riders.

A November ritual that disrupts our main groove, so it was pleasant to be out on the roads this afternoon. We found Char and SeaB out riding too so we joined up with them and all headed past Sam’s.

The riders were pretty darn cold by the time we returned to the barn.