A Heap

Ms Mara had sprint time in the indoor arena this afternoon and she raced around numerous times, but too fast for me to photograph (sorry.) We then headed ‘out back’ to inspect the huge heap of shredded corn husks up close.

We like to poke around and inspect the parked farm equipment back there too.

We agreed that we are thankful for the unique corn husk bedding Mara sleeps on. And another thing we are thankful for, is the heater in the bathroom! I turn the heat up when I arrive and put Mara’s bridle on a nearby hook to warm her bit. Most of us I’d say, appreciate the warm seating and warm water in there as well.

Today Mara B and I looked for small things to be grateful for, along with the big things, like you our readers, pals at the barn and having our daily horse/human relationship to nurture. So to you we say

May you know peace and plenty this Thanksgiving. We thank you for riding along with us!


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