Gifts & Hot Water

It was so nice to visit Mara B yesterday, however she was soaked from all the cold freezing rain.

Today I needed to pour hot water over the gate latch because it was frozen and I couldn’t open the snap to take Mara out of her paddock!

Ice has now unfortunately covered everything.

We used the same warm water trick when I returned her to the paddock after our visit this afternoon.

Mara B was delighted to come in for some tasty hay and grooming and she had free arena time to dash about. I also told her about some Christmas gifts I received! Maura G had beautifully cleaned and conditioned our saddle, bridle and my riding boots while I was gone! How sweet was that.

And Jay gave me a selfie stick, oh my, I’m not into selfies, but his idea is for me to try it for some new picture angles for the blog! Stay tuned, we’ll see if it works. And oh, please pass on any of your own ideas to me for ways to improve Mara Moments. I value and appreciate any and all input that’s offered.

Mara B actually did not feel like going back out when I was returning her to the paddock after our visit, she stopped and hesitated at the back door. That’s unusual for her but it felt sort of sweet to me, like she wasn’t ready for our time together to end.

The true inner thoughts of a horse gal who loves her horse.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Happy New Year to you, Jay and Mara B! Bet she was happy to see you 🙂

    1. You’re so sweet Sarah G! Happy NY to you too

  2. Jennifer says:

    What great gifts! Especially the saddle conditioning! Sometimes I wear my boots to fly and then stop at the shoeshine guys. They do a GREAT job. Once a guy even used a TORCH to get the products deep into the leather! I go to see him whenever I fly through Charlotte. Happy Holidays days!

    1. Another great idea Jennifer 😊🐎

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