Creative Retreat

Mara B is home munching and happy to be on her own retreat.

My creative retreat away has included reading, walking and relaxing. I’m sharing the following book title and highlights from it that have inspired and motivated me for the new year ahead. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration as well.

How to share equine therapy seemed open to my own interpretations. I have enjoyed blogging about ‘equine therapy ‘ however don’t consider myself a true expert, it was just my way of sharing my healing path.

I have learned a lot by blogging and enjoy the creativity it provides me.

Mara and I are simply out on a walk together most days, simply observing nature and taking some photographs.

I have enjoyed show n tell since my grade school days at Hawthorne Elementary, and feel that Mara Moments is another form of show n tell.

Thank for joining me in my creative expressions through my blog. I appreciate you. Helen

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  1. Carroll Thune says:

    And I appreciate you, dear Helen. Thanks for sharing your bravery and your fragility as openly as you have on this journey. That Mara still brings you joy is a great hope for the rest of us.
    Love you,

    1. Carroll, thank you! 💛💛

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