Staying In

Mara B and the stall horses stayed in all day today, due to extremely cold temperatures. Mara B. is a real outside kind of horse so this is no treat for her.

I let her have ‘free’ time in the indoor arena this morning and she was wild. Mara really needed to move.

The Icelandic horses also had arena ‘free’ time.

Very fun to watch our horses play indoors where it was warm and safe on a day the weather outside got the best of us. (just for documentation purposes, it is -15 as I post this and the polar vortex descends on the region tonight.)

Hardy horses, hardy women and special horse love on display today, and that warms us all up!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Love Mara B in motion. We are all going to be feeling the pent up energy by Friday! Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Sarah! You enjoy expending your energy on the ski slopes now ☀️💛🍀

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