Snowy & Cute Twins

It was a very snowy visit with Mara B this morning. I didn’t even take her out of the paddock, we simply chatted and I gave her a treat.

I also visited the cute twins in the barn and even snapped a photo to share. Nanny Goat and kids were much more active today than yesterday.

The cute twins reminded me that I’m a twin! So I’m reposting an old photo of my twin David and me on the ponies we had one summer long ago.

All was beautifully white and serene at the stable when I departed.

It feels like all has been slowed down for the horses and humans alike these past few days.

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  1. Laura Giaquinto says:

    Beautiful pictures today Helen As always, I love to see your Mara’s Moments posts. It brings joy to my days.

    1. Thanks so much Laura G 💛

  2. Jennifer says:

    Those baby goats are indeed adorable. I wish they would curl up in the straw! They seem to land in the corner where the door opens and they look cold there.

    And you guys were adorable on your ponies!

    Bella is better- thanks to Ed!! And thank YOU for all your help.

    Be warm in FL.

    1. Wonderful to hear that Bella is better 🐎💛✌️

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