Sand for some & Snow for others

We headed to the sand beaches and left Mara B behind in the snow. Before we left we brightened Mara’s day with a sunflower and lots of love.

Walking the beach today we came upon a different sort of ride.

This ride was being used by a group of guys fishing for shark (catch and release). A fun group of friends enjoying each other and the beautiful seashore. They engaged us warmly, we talked and learned about their fishing techniques and friendship. We left them with the one Benjamin coin I had in my pocket. A pleasant chance encounter.

Following are a few additional photos from our beach stroll home.

Missing Ms Mara but not the snow!

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  1. Sarah says:

    JEALOUS! Enjoy your time in the sunshine.

    1. 😊☀️🏖thinking of you friend and sending you a warm hug 💛

  2. Jane Archer says:

    I LOVE chance encounters. Sometimes conversations with strangers are the best part of my day!! Are you in Ft. Myers?

    1. Hi Jane! I love them too. Joe is hosting us, we’re very lucky
      🏖☀️💛 Thanks

  3. What a lovely break from Winter.

    1. Oh yes! And I saw you were also in Florida recently 🏖☀️we’re lucky 😊

      1. We are indeed!

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