Hold On

Today Cindy suggested I hold on to Mara’s mane as I walked her over the ice, since she provides four foot traction in case I slip. Great idea and it worked! I held on to Mara’s tail for the same reason as I groomed her while she ate and we enjoyed connecting.

Gretchen, an early blog follower and strong supporter is currently recovering from a fall and it’s made me nervous. (many of us have dealt with ice and slips and falls this winter.) So I’m sending out a caution to readers, let’s be careful plus sending my best wishes to GSC on a speedy recovery. We’re ready for the rain to wash away the ice…. and to be comfortable riding out on the roads again soon. As Carley and Katie did today!

It’ll be great to ride along in the days ahead.

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  1. Oh my. Be careful & safe

    1. Thank you so much

  2. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Last summer my sister moved to Idaho from Houlton and took her horse along. She found that the rocky surfaces there were hard on her horse’s hooves so purchased some kind of rubber cleats. She strongly suggested others get them. I wonder of these would work on icy conditions as well? Let me know if you want me to get that info……

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