Two Favorites

Mara B and I passed by our favorite pony Peanut on our ride up to the cow pasture this afternoon.

Bo joined us on the tour of another of our favorites, which is riding around the lower meadow and the upper orchard area of the ‘cow pasture.’

The sights are always the same yet somehow different each day we’re there.

Today looked like it could be either fall or spring.

Mara warmed up with our hike up hill and Bo was darn right hot when we returned to the stable so he cooled off first chance he had in the remaining all most nonexistent snow.

A pleasant early April ride with Ms Mara B.

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  1. Margaret M Sagstetter says:

    Peanut is a darling pony! And I thought the same today – could be a blustery fall day as well as our spring.

    1. Thanks for riding along Marge!

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