Bomb Cyclone

Mara B and the stall horses stayed in today! We are experiencing a ‘bomb cyclone’ in this part of Wisconsin. My morning started with a text from Pat letting me know that Mara B was tucked in her stall for the day due to this crazy weather. We’ve simply been listening to the wind howl and watching snow, rain, hail and sleet pound us.

Not having my connection time with Mara actually feels odd since it’s my daily groove and comforting companionship activity. (I’m sort of driven to spend time with her and to ‘care’ for her.) However Pat told me the roads were horrible so I stayed home today. At least I have Jay and Lindy here and a good book to read (fyi: “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane” by: Lisa See) in case you’re stuck inside due to the weather too.

As I’ve said before, weather does play into our horse time experiences.

Thanks to the work crew at the stable, we’re very grateful for each of you, a day like today highlights your huge contribution to caring for our special horses.

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