Pepper and the Dirt Bike

Mara B and I were off on a low key easy late afternoon ride when on our return trip home we met up with Pepper and her owner Mackenzie. They had previously boarded at River Brink, and that’s how I know them.

Nice to see those two and to chat for a minute, then we continued on towards our barn when the neighborhood kid on the dirt bike appeared on the trail! Mara should be used to the dirt bike action but she used it as a way to momentarily loose her focus! So no photos of the dirt bike, I was concentrating on my mount. I regained her attention, waved off the kid on the dirt bike and home we went. An example of trail riding situations you cannot predict.

In & Asphalt

After the rain, Mara B and her paddock pals are back in slop. When I rounded the corner to greet her, I could see her reflection in the ‘paddock pond’ that should not be there.

We embraced riding ‘in’ again this afternoon and really enjoyed our trot time before heading outside. We stayed on the asphalt roads because the ground is so saturated.

The road was an alternative route due to wet conditions, but still providing some incline work and a change of scenery for Mara B today.

Grooming and a nibble for Ms Mara completed our visit.

1/2 In 1/2 Out

Mara B was waiting for me today! Half of our afternoon ride time was in the indoor arena due to very gusty winds. I enjoyed our warmup trotting circles and Mara seemed to as well.

However I’m drawn to ride outside so we also took a swing around the stable grounds and up, down & around a back field. Mara gets to extend her legs and climbing the slight incline of the hill is good conditioning for her. It feels satisfying to me to ride outside but I will admit the wind got the best of me on the way home this time.

Mara B was a good horse and a real trooper! We all know weather plays a big factor in trail riding.

Green Blue White

Mara B and I had just about the perfect ride together this afternoon! She was wonderful, the day glorious and the colors around us very sharp and vivid. Lush green, blue blue sky, white fluffy clouds plus a sprinkle of springtime yellow tossed in, surrounded us everywhere we looked.

A light breeze came up as we headed home and I caught this picture of Mara’s white mane!

It looked magical to me. Everything came together on this ride for what I’d call a near perfect human|horse|nature connection, or close enough. Sweet!


This afternoon Mara B and I explored some territory we rarely have access to. With some gates closed and some gates open, we did some exploring for a little change of pace. We both throughly enjoyed it!

Some beautiful spots and lovely springtime aromatherapy for us to savor.

A lovely ride with Mara B before a weekend of expected rain. Happy weekend friends.

Back View

Mara B and I had a solo ride around the two back fields that have not yet been planted. Observing a burst of spring growth this first really warm day of May. Our rest in the shade was actually welcome and refreshing.

Rarely is the back pasture gate open, however today it was, so we rode through those gates for a little exploring. Thus today’s photos show the back view of the stables indoor arena and back paddocks where Mara B lives.

We stopped and took in the back view for a few minutes, then spotted these darling purple flowers on the way back the the barn.

I delight in spotting the small, simple treats of nature, then sharing them with you.

Please Ride Along

Here’s an extra long post filled with Peter’s pictures of our lovely ride today! Haley and Noel joined us. Peter was the fabulous photographer who among other things ran ahead, stayed behind, climbed the deer stand, and squatted on the ground to beautifully capture this ride and preserve the memories for me in these pictures. Enjoy!

A super special Mother’s Day gift for me, as well as delightful to share with our marvelous Mara Moments followers. Thank you Peter and Happy Trails to all who read and enjoy this post.

Circular Route

Mara B and I had a very pleasant ride today, walking a circular route past Julie’s, (where we did get to chat with her too.) We continued along past her horses and along the woods on the edge of the hay field. Covering ground we had not ridden since last fall which felt good.

The sky was gorgeous, the fields so peaceful and Mara B was focused on her riding partner rather than Rosie! Which all made for a fun ride.

Winking & Waiting

Today we had an interesting afternoon ride with Tera and Rosie and two college gals, Haley and Kat. Mara who, loves Rosie her former paddock pal, kept ‘winking’ at Rosie for most of the ride. Below is an overview of mares in heat to describe the situation.

Mara B was definitely distracted and more with Rosie than with me on this ride! She was good, simply lacking any real focus. Riding alone I really have not experienced this so dramatically before. Then the waiting began after Kat dropped her phone. Haley retrieved it, and the horses waited patiently while Haley searched for a good spot to remount. Another out of the ordinary event, not typical on most trail rides.

Mara B tried hard to stay close to Rosie for much of the ride and the college gals pulled out ahead.

Mara B was eventually content to just hang back for the return trip to the barn, and took it slow and easy in her typical going home fashion.

It was an interesting display of nature that powerfully demonstrated a natural horse behavior.


Mara B was a mother twice, and she was living with her daughter Kona when we bought her. The following three pictures are from the first day Jay and I met Mara B and Kona. Kona was six when we purchased Mara and moved her away to join our family. That had to be a tough transition for both Kona and Mara.

Kona came to mind today because I’m thinking of mother’s and mothering this Mother’s Day.

Our family spent time together at Benjamin’s bench and sent him our love, peace and good vibes. We miss him today as every day.

Late afternoon this Mother’s Day I was able to go out on a very quiet peaceful ride with Mara B and thank her for our loving bond. I value that I have her in my life to care for and to care about.

Today we send our hearts out to all who mother and care for others, it’s your special day. Blessings to you and yours.