Birthday Delay

Mare B is seventeen today and I wanted to acknowledge her birthday. However, pouring rain plus my own off the rails emotions today are delaying her birthday celebrating until tomorrow.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. I hope to promote not only suicide awareness but emotional wellness/mental health issues as well when appropriate through Mara Moments/equine therapy.

So, I’m going to share an abbreviated version of my own emotional distress which led to my own panic attack this morning. I was in a meeting with ten people at my Little Free Library volunteer job and I experienced intense emotional pressure when a woman was sharing an extremely powerful story about her advocacy for an individual who was experiencing deep/dangerous emotional distress. Her power with words and excellent storytelling pushed me way beyond my comfort zone until I emotionally moved into panic. I was experiencing my own ptsd, and emotional pain around Benjamin’s death. I simply did not want to hear more of the story and definitely did not want to hear the conclusion of the story. When something like this happens to me, I must get out or get away from the source of pressure, so I abruptly had to exit the meeting, in tears and visibly shaken. Bottom line, emotions can overtake us by surprise, bring on anxiety and emotional panic anytime anyplace.

So let’s talk about these realities, share our truth and offer those in our inner circle assistance, hope, support and guidance when or if necessary.

Storytelling, the power of shared stories, can be a way of lending emotional truths and caring support to others. I’m sharing this personal story of my own panic attack today to remind you lovely Mara Moments Friends that May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Please nurture your own mental health and wellness.

Rest can be healing and helpful too.

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  1. Jane Archer says:

    You are so brave to share, Helen. I’m grateful that are able to recognize what is happening and remove yourself from the source of pain. You’ve come a long way and have much to be proud of!

    1. Thank you Jane 💛it’s been a tough day ✌️

  2. Marge Sagstetter says:

    I’m so sorry that you had that experience today, Helen. Grief is so insidious and can creep up on us at unexpected moments. Find a beautiful day to celebrate Mara’s birthday and cherish the beautful memory of Benjamin.

    1. Marge you’re so dear, thank you 💛

  3. Naomi Lewiski says:

    I completely understand. You have held my hand through so much, sending you my love.

  4. Megan says:

    Thank you for Liking my LFL big share video today. Now i hv found your blog. I love that you have Mara & LFL to help w your peace. I Understand anxiety & panic. My kayak is my Mara

    1. Hello Megan so happy to meet you 💛✌️📚Helen

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