Mara B was a mother twice, and she was living with her daughter Kona when we bought her. The following three pictures are from the first day Jay and I met Mara B and Kona. Kona was six when we purchased Mara and moved her away to join our family. That had to be a tough transition for both Kona and Mara.

Kona came to mind today because I’m thinking of mother’s and mothering this Mother’s Day.

Our family spent time together at Benjamin’s bench and sent him our love, peace and good vibes. We miss him today as every day.

Late afternoon this Mother’s Day I was able to go out on a very quiet peaceful ride with Mara B and thank her for our loving bond. I value that I have her in my life to care for and to care about.

Today we send our hearts out to all who mother and care for others, it’s your special day. Blessings to you and yours.

5 thoughts on “Kona

  1. Benjamin was blessed with a loving Mother. Grief is the price we pay when we lose someone we love. It is a high price but totally worth it. Peace, Helen. Xoxo

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  2. Helen, Thinking of you all today. Your posts of late have been ‘heavy’ but hopefully for you open and renewing…. Life is full of ups/downs twists/turns. It is the journey we are on. How we deal with it and what we offer up is our gift to the Lord. He is always waiting with open arms for our prayers, actions, love, joys and sorrows. Waiting for us to give all, he died that we might lived and live abundantly. God Bless, Jane. PS. I use your Rosary that you brought from the Holy Land often. Thank you.

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