Back View

Mara B and I had a solo ride around the two back fields that have not yet been planted. Observing a burst of spring growth this first really warm day of May. Our rest in the shade was actually welcome and refreshing.

Rarely is the back pasture gate open, however today it was, so we rode through those gates for a little exploring. Thus today’s photos show the back view of the stables indoor arena and back paddocks where Mara B lives.

We stopped and took in the back view for a few minutes, then spotted these darling purple flowers on the way back the the barn.

I delight in spotting the small, simple treats of nature, then sharing them with you.

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  1. Sarah says:

    We brought those purple flowers back with us from Door County and have them in our backyard. Happy to share 🙂

    1. Love that Sarah 💛✌️☀️

  2. Jane Archer says:

    Oh, riding outdoors in the warm spring sunshine. That would be therapeutic for anyone, and brings back such wonderful memories of our youth. I wish I could share your adventures, but am grateful to follow along through Mara Moments. Enjoy these precious days — they are too few in Minnesota! Love, Jane

    1. Jane I hope we can have some horse time together this summer 💛✌️🌿

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